Ask the Government to create a strong circular economy in Scotland

We need to change the way we use materials in Scotland.

We want a world where everyone has a fair share of the earth’s resources and the things we own don’t cause harm to people or the environment. But right now Scotland’s material use is more than double the sustainable limit and is causing environmental and social damage on a huge scale. But proposals for a new law could help to change things for the better. 

Over-consumption by the wealthy few is pushing our whole planet to breaking point. Our global economy is built on the idea of unlimited growth, fueled by rising levels of material consumption. But we live on a planet of finite resources, so it is impossible for this to continue forever. 

We must change the way we use materials to drastically reduce the impact of our consumption. The Scottish Government has launched a consultation for a new circular economy law, which aims to transform the way we use the resources that make up everyday products like clothes, electrical goods and packaging. 

Scotland’s climate targets only include our domestic emissions but over half of our carbon footprint comes from imported products and services. We need to take responsibility for the damage being caused around the world by Scotland’s consumption if we truly want to reduce our impact. 

We have to seize this opportunity to create a new economic system  where the welfare of citizens is not linked to material consumption of the nation. This will require a better understanding of the environmental and social impacts of taking from nature, and of how we can manage resources already in our economy so they last longer and be reused more. 

The Scottish Government wants your views on what should be in the new Circular Economy law, so now is the chance to demand a framework that enables truly sustainable material use to help us reach a climate safe future.

For this we need to see:

  1. Strong carbon and material footprint reduction targets for Scotland which move beyond our existing domestic climate goals and take responsibility for the impact of Scottish consumption abroad. 
  2. A new Circular Economy Committee to advise the Government on progress and how to meet its targets. It should be adequately resourced and independent of government and from the delivery of any of its recommendations.
  3. Minimise waste by providing incentives to encourage reuse and recycling, and standardise recycling services for households across Scotland to make it easier for people to recycle.
  4. Sector level resource plans, created collaboratively, which aim to minimise resource requirements, ensure sustainable sourcing of materials and incentivise circularity once materials enter the economy.

Take action now to tell the Scottish Government what you want to see in the circular economy law.

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