Ban plastic cotton buds

We're all concerned about the growing mountain of plastic waste that ends up in the seas and oceans of our planet, killing wildlife and littering our coast.  

The good news is that the Scottish Government are consulting on banning plastic cotton bud sticks.  This is the first step in a new, much tougher approach to waste so please encourage them by responding positively to this consultation!  

Plastic cotton bud sticks are the second most common sewage-related item cluttering our beaches, but some manufacturers and retailers are already switching to cardboard sticks.  They are a problem product with a much more sensible alternative, so let's make sure they are banned as soon as possible.

Please act now to help tackle one of the most common items that turn up on our beaches. And ask the government to go further by focussing first on waste reduction, and ensuring alternatives are safe and sustainable.

If you have time please fill in the consultation online at otherwise send an email response using the form on this page.