Tell the Scottish Government to reject fossil fuel greenwash

Fossil fuel companies have too much power and influence over our energy system. They are delaying the transition to renewable energy and pushing dangerous technologies such as carbon capture and Hydrogen.

These technologies will lock us into the continuing use of fossil fuels - allowing the greedy oil and gas companies to keep on polluting the climate, as well as making huge profits. The Scottish Government is being taken in by this lobbying and is giving millions of pounds to support these industries.

Experience shows that carbon capture projects have a lengthy record of failure around the world. Research has shown that powering our heating and transport with renewable electricity is more efficient and affordable than using hydrogen.

We have to show the Government that we see through this greenwash and demand that it ends its support for these fossil fuel technologies.

With the Government creating a Hydrogen Action Plan and considering a proposal for a new carbon-capture reliant gas-fired power plant at Peterhead, the time to act is now!

Write to the Cabinet Secretaries responsible for Energy today.