Tell the Scottish Government we need radical change on single-use packaging!

Each year around 200 million single-use disposable drinks cups are used in Scotland, generating climate emissions and leaving thousands of them littered in our streets and natural environment. Without intervention, this is projected to increase to 310 million by 2025.

We know that the Scottish Government understand the scale of this problem, because they recently announced they would legilslate for a charge to be applied to single-use drinks cups. They have also been advised by their own expert panel to go even further, and introduce a ban on PVC and polystyrene cups as well as starting trials on reusable cup schemes. Scotland is on course to be the first country in the world to introduce nationwide charges on single-use cups! 

Email your MSPs and ask them to support Mark Ruskell’s motion for action on unnecessary, single-use food and drinks packaging.

Taking action now is crucial because we expect the Scottish Government to launch a public consultation on their Circular Economy Bill soon and we need it to be ambitious.

Thank you so much for your support for Scotland's bold action on single-use plastics. Together, we can ensure Scotland takes the lead on tackling this urgent issue. 

Read the key points of the motion

  • Implement the expert panel report in full, including a charge of 25p per single use coffee cup, as per the Budget agreement made between the Scottish Government and the Green MSPs, and a ban on polystyrene and PVC cups (the kind typically given away at venues)
  • Extend the proposed Scottish ban on polystyrene and PVC cups so these materials are banned from all food packaging by 2021, in line with the EU’s Single Use Plastics Directive [2]
  • Ensure the pilots for reusable coffee cups proposed by the expert panel can be the basis for a consistent national scheme which can replace single use cups entirely, with an end date set for their usage
  • Bring in a ban on all single-use plastic packaging and utensils used for catering, including those sold as biodegradable or compostable 
  • Require all remaining plastic food packaging sold in Scotland to be made from readily recyclable polymers by 2025  
  • Ban single-use plastic carrier bags of all thicknesses, charge at least 10p on bags made from all other materials, and create a minimum standard for bags sold for re-use.