Make the Scottish Government deliver on their climate promises

In Scotland we punch well above our weight on the world stage as a climate leader, making huge strides in developing renewable energy alternatives to dirty fossil fuels.

That's why we welcomed Nicola Sturgeon's announcement last year of new legislation and more ambitious targets in response to the United Nations’ Paris Agreement on climate change. But now the Scottish Government is proposing to do almost nothing extra, despite the urgent need for action.

With Trump in charge in the US, climate leadership is more important than ever. Without much tougher action from all the world’s wealthy nations we are facing unstoppable temperature increases. This would have devastating impacts on hundreds of millions of people around the world, put our ability to grow enough food at risk, increase political instability and wipe out many thousands of plant and animal species.

Take action now to let Nicola Sturgeon know that we need much tougher targets – a 77% reduction by 2030 and zero emissions by 2040 – and stronger action to deliver our fair share of the Paris Agreement.