Demand fairer resource use

Write to your MSPs to tell them to create a fair and sustainable Circular Economy Bill

All our MSPs are about to vote on the creation of a new law to reduce the impact of Scotland’s material consumption. This is a big opportunity – the majority of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from the materials we consume. 

This must be done in a way that is fair for people both at home and abroad, and which addresses the ecological breakdown caused by overconsumption. 

From lithium from Argentina, to cobalt from Congo, to copper from China – the materials that make the products we use in Scotland come from all over the world. Their extraction and production comes at a cost which is harming people and causing ecological breakdown. 

To stop businesses driving consumption that harms people and the environment, the new circular economy law must
    •    Reduce our overall consumption of materials
    •    Create standards of fair and sustainable practices through our supply chains to guarantee human rights are being upheld 
    •    Make sure people in Scotland benefit from the move to a circular economy through job opportunities and improved access to services 
    •    Plan for how Scotland will manage the need for minerals needed for the energy transition

MSPs will be debating and voting on final changes to the law before the parliament’s summer break – so this is our last chance to make an impact.

Public pressure works. The ban on single-use plastics happened because we took action and demanded it.

Write to your MSPs now to urge them to support the Circular Economy Bill and vote to make it stronger and fairer. 

  • Doreen O 17.06.2024 17:23
  • Gordon D 15.06.2024 11:00
  • Emma B 14.06.2024 23:39
  • Andrea I 13.06.2024 22:46
  • Andy N 10.06.2024 23:46
  • Arabella F 10.06.2024 22:26