Ask your candidates to divest Scotland from fossil fuels

In 2021, we’re asking our future MSPs to commit to divest Scotland from fossil fuels.

The breakdown of our climate threatens millions of peoples lives, and this won’t change until we stop extracting and burning fossil fuels.

The Scottish Parliament can lead this change by divesting their own pensions, and ensuring all Government investments are fossil free.

In 2018 Ireland became the first country to divest from fossil fuels, a visionary step towards building a sustainable future. In 2020 the Welsh Parliament divested. Scotland can follow the example of our neighbours by taking three actions:

  1. Adopting an ethical investment policy for the Scottish Parliament's pensions that leads to divestment from companies like BHP, one of the world’s most polluting fossil fuel companies.
  2. Adopting a policy that all Scottish Government investments, including those offered by the Scottish National Investment Bank, should support ethical, green business or initiatives and never back fossil fuels.
  3. Reforming Scotland's local government pensions to enable local, fossil free investment.

Email your candidates now to ask them to support the Divest Scotland pledge: ‘I pledge to support the Scottish Government and Parliament divesting from fossil fuels and investing in a just transition to a zero carbon economy over an appropriate time-scale.’

By pledging, Scottish Parliament candidates will be standing up for climate-friendly investment for our country. When key Scottish Parliament decisions are being made about investment during 2021 and beyond, we can hold them to account and use their pledges to ensure Scotland frees itself from fossil fuels.

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