Election: Delivering a Green Jobs Recovery

The Scottish Parliament election is an opportunity to rebuild our economy in a way that tackles climate change and creates green jobs. The next Parliament needs to turn the climate talk of recent years into climate action, transforming our economy, cutting pollution and delivering a green jobs recovery.

For example, free bus travel and expanding public ownership will boost passenger numbers. This will cut pollution and create demand for jobs building and running buses. In addition to the vital benefits that buses create for communities, linking people to new work and education opportunities.

Scotland has done well on renewables but the next Scottish Government must ensure the benefits go to communities here, rather than distant shareholders. A public energy company that generates power can deliver energy at affordable prices - creating jobs, lowering emissions and tackling fuel poverty, as well as helping meet growing targets.

Coronavirus has highlighted the inequality in our society and an economy that doesn't work for most people. We can’t return to the polluting ‘business as usual.’  Instead this election must begin a redirection of the economy - with politicians putting people and climate action at the heart of these decisions.

All of this would have a positive impact on delivering on our climate commitments and building a green jobs recovery - but we need the people running in the election to hear about it.

Contact your local candidates by taking action below, let them know you back these ideas and they must deliver on them if they’re elected.