Help end incineration in Scotland

Incineration rates in Scotland have tripled over the last eight years, locking councils and communities into polluting practices for decades to come. But the good news is that Scottish Government has just announced a review of incineration which includes a temporary pause on new and current incineration applications.

This is your chance to share your concerns about incineration, and stop the damage being done from burning waste. The review will gather information on the impact of existing incineration plants and what role incineration should play in Scotland’s future waste policy.

The temporary pause on new incinerators is an important milestone but we need it to go further. The Scottish Government should make this a permanent ban and commit to an exit strategy for existing plants.

The independent review is being led by Dr Colin Church and is asking for input from all stakeholders, including community groups, so it's an important time to email him with your views.

We want to see:

1. Extend the moratorium on new and current applications for incinerators to make it permanent – Scotland does not need any more incinerators. We need to reduce and recycle our waste, not burn it.

2. An immediate ban on plastics sent to incineration – burning plastics produces carbon emissions. The simplest and fastest way to reduce emissions from existing plants is to ban the burning of plastics right now. They should be recycled instead.

3. Ensure any greenwashing 'solutions' are not implemented at the public's expense – incinerators have failed to deliver on energy efficiency promises to develop local heat networks. Greenwashing 'solutions', like carbon capture and storage, would create further lock in to an expensive and polluting waste management system.

We’ve drafted an email to send to the review, so if you’re short on time you can just hit send. But if you can, please edit the text to include your own ideas and experiences. This will show the reviewers the range of issues people face and solutions to tackle them. 

Just add in your name and postcode to get started.