Help fix Scotland’s Clean Air Plan

The Scottish Government has published a new Plan which will have huge consequences for our fight to reduce air pollution. ‘Cleaner Air for Scotland’ (CAFS) is a strategy that is meant to improve the air we breathe, and reduce harmful pollution from sectors like road transport and agriculture.

But this Plan has no actual ideas for reducing harmful emissions. Despite being over 70 pages long, it is desperately short on concrete action.

Earlier versions of this Plan had loads of good ideas for making our air safe to breathe: Doubling the walking and cycling budget. Halting new road building. Making sure Low Emission Zones are genuinely effective. These good ideas have been removed by Ministers.

The good news is that the Government want feedback on their weak Plan.

This is our chance to let the Government know that this Plan is unacceptable. Toxic air pollution ruins thousands of lives in Scotland every year and puts people at greater risk if they catch Covid-19.

If enough of us kick up a fuss and demand clean air, they will have to take notice and could rethink their proposals.

We’ve drafted a response that tells the Scottish Government we need action to reduce traffic, to increase funding for walking and cycling, and that we can’t keep building new motorways.

Take Action Now and tell the Scottish Government to give us a real Clean Air Plan. If you have more time then please fill in the full consultation online here.