Help Scotland move towards a Circular Economy

Plastic pollution is a symbol of our single-use culture which pollutes our oceans, harms our wildlife, and is a major contributor to climate change. That’s why we need to move to a circular economy where products are designed to last as long as possible, are easy to repair, and made out of materials that can be recycled. 

But there’s more to this than just plastic. We urgently need to transform the way we consume and manage natural resources in Scotland, including cutting the amount of waste we produce. 

The good news is that the Scottish Government is asking for the public’s view on a new law to help make this change to our economy. To be effective, this Circular Economy Bill must tackle plastic pollution and set ambitious targets for reducing Scotland's use of resources. Targets will drive the change we need to see. 

The Bill could also help tackle the Climate Emergency. By moving to a circular economy we can cut our climate emissions by around 25% of our current total. And we will reduce our reliance on the planet’s resources which will bring environmental, economic and social benefits to both people and our environment. 

We've responded to key questions in the public consultation to demand stronger action. Help strengthen these calls by quickly taking action now and submitting a consultation response using the form on this page. If you have more time then please fill in the full consultation online here.

Please take action now and help Scotland move towards a circular economy by strengthening this Bill.