Make 20mph the default speed limit in built up areas

Speeding traffic makes our streets less safe, causes air pollution, and contributes to climate change.

Mark Ruskell MSP has proposed a new law that would change the default speed limit in all built up areas across Scotland from 30mph to 20mph.

20mph limits create safer streets thereby encouraging more walking and cycling. This could lead to reduced traffic, and more pleasant communities where all modes of transport are on a more equal footing.

To become law, Mark needs to carry out a public consultation to demonstrate that there is wide support for these plans. We've created a quick action to enable you to respond and say that twenty is plenty! 

Please do personalise your response - add in any specific examples you have had of speeding traffic affecting your safety or ability to walk or cycle confidently.

Our pre-filled response answers questions laid out in the official consultation. You can read the background to the Bill proposal and further information here