Ask Councillors to reject plans for a new gas-fired power station at Peterhead

If we want everyone to have a safe future, we have to stop burning the oil and gas that is driving the climate crisis. However, incredibly, energy giant SSE wants to build a huge new additional gas fired power station at Peterhead.

This project will keep Scotland locked into an expensive fossil-fuelled energy system for decades to come. It will come at an enormous cost to our climate and will encourage oil and gas companies to keep on drilling in the North Sea.

Developers claim that they will add carbon capture technology to this polluting plant at some unspecified point in the future. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has a long history of repeated failure and even the Scottish Government has admitted that this technology will not happen this decade. Despite this, the whole Peterhead project is to be built on the rotten foundations of unreliable CCS.

SSE have already submitted a planning application to the local Aberdeenshire Council. While the ultimate decision lies with the Scottish Government, the local Council has a big influence over whether or not this development goes ahead. Take action now to urge the 10 local Councillors to reject this proposal when they are called to vote on it.

Building a new fossil fuel power station at this point in the climate emergency is the last thing we should be doing. This will impact everyone in Scotland, as the climate crisis hits harder and we have to find carbon savings elsewhere.

Ask the Councillors to vote against this dirty development and work to support the transition away from fossil fuels and for decent green jobs in the area.