Demand the UK Government Stop Jackdaw Gas Field

If we want a liveable future, we have to stop burning the oil and gas that is driving the climate crisis. But the UK Government has just approved the new ‘Jackdaw’ gas field, owned by Shell, in the North Sea.

Extracting more fossil fuels will keep us locked into the broken energy system that is failing both people and planet. That’s why we have to urge Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reject Jackdaw and all new oil and gas fields.

People power stopped the Cambo field and we have to repeat that success with Jackdaw.

Experts have been clear that new oil and gas will do nothing to bring down our soaring household energy bills.  As oil companies like Shell announce billions of pounds in profits, people are watching their energy bills rocketing up. Opening this new Jackdaw field will only benefit the mega-polluter Shell.

Burning the gas from Jackdaw would create pollution equal to half the annual emissions of Scotland. And as the head of the UN recently said “investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”

Sign this petition today to tell the UK Government to reject Jackdaw and all new fossil fuels.

Together we can put the pressure on for a rapid scale up of renewable power, warmer homes and secure a just transition for workers and communities currently reliant on oil and gas.