Ask Nicola Sturgeon to end the fracking story with a full legal ban

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told Parliament last year 'fracking is being banned in Scotland, end of story'. But only months later the 'ban' was exposed by one of Scotland's top judges as having no legal force.

If the Scottish Government don't act soon and go further than a 'policy ban', it could easily be overturned by this or a future Government.  That's why a full legislative ban is needed to draw a line under fracking for good.

Communities on the frontline of fracking in Scotland have waited over 4 years for Ministers to make up their minds. The Scottish Government promised a final decision on fracking before Easter, but once again, they have delayed things, announcing yet more consultation and kicking a final decision into autumn 2019 at the soonest. And we have advice from one of Scotland's top lawyers confirming that the Scottish Parliament does have the power to make fracking illegal. 

Over 60,000 people have called on the Scottish Government to ban fracking. Holyrood has the powers and the mandate to do so.

Ask the First Minister to be true to her word and end the story with a full legal ban on fracking.