Tell the Scottish Government to ban single-use plastic items

We are in the midst of a plastic crisis. Plastic pollutes at every stage of its lifecycle from when the oil and gas is extracted to produce it, to the end products that litter our streets, pollute our beaches and harm our wildlife. Single-use disposable plastic items are a symbol of our throwaway culture. 

The Scottish Government is currently asking for the public’s views on plans to ban some of the most environmentally harmful single-use plastic items on sale including plastic cutlery, straws, plates, and balloon sticks. The list also includes oxo-degradable plastics (used for items like carrier bags), which refers to materials with additives added to break it down into smaller plastic pieces which remain in the environment. 

Whilst a ban on these persistent polluters would be a great start, it must be part of wider action to reduce plastic consumption in Scotland. 

We’ve answered the key questions in the consultation saying that we fully support a ban on these plastic items but also demanding more action. We want to see a Just Transition for workers in Grangemouth - where Ineos is the UK's largest producer of plastic - with the phasing out of fossil fuel based plastic production. 

By tackling plastic pollution, Scotland can have beaches and waterways full of wildlife, shops no longer filled with unnecessary plastic items, and our local communities across the country freed from litter and waste.

You can help strengthen these calls by quickly taking action now and submitting a consultation response using the form on this page. If you have more time then please fill in the full consultation online here.