Tell your council: Stop investing in fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are destroying our climate, yet Scottish councils are still investing in the very companies that are driving this.

Scottish council pension funds currently have around £1.2 billion invested in oil and gas companies, which is upholding the industry that is causing climate breakdown. This money could instead be invested in ways that support local communities and protect the planet for everyone - such as in renewable energy or social housing.

Councils have the power and the responsibility to ensure local workers not only have a pension for their retirement, but also a future worth retiring into.

Our climate is being dramatically changed by the burning of fossil fuels and destruction of nature. The impacts of extreme weather are being felt around the world, and the communities being hit the hardest are those who have done least to cause the problem.

Our local leaders must act now. 

Councillors must ask pension fund managers to end their support for the companies driving the climate crisis, and instead invest our common wealth in ways that generate both social and financial benefits.

Your councillors are there to represent you, so sharing your views with them really matters.

Email your councillor to call on them to support fossil free council pension funds.