Tell your new councillors: It's time for safer streets

Ask your new councillors to introduce measures to improve air quality and road safety on our streets, and reduce climate emissions from transport. 

Transport is the biggest source of climate emissions in Scotland, and air pollution causes over 2,500 early deaths every year. We need big changes in the way we move around to reduce our impact on the planet and improve the quality of the air we breathe. 

Contact your local councillors and tell them what needs to change.

We want to see:

  1. Car-free zones -  a few schools in Scotland have introduced a car-free zone to keep cars away from the school gates. This improves the air quality, and makes it safer for children and young people to walk, wheel, cycle or scoot to school. Councils have the power to introduce these zones for all schools where it is feasible, so every child receives the benefits of cleaner air and safer streets.
  2. Wider pavements and clamping down on pavement parking - everyone has the right to sustainable and safe ways to get around. Wheelchair users and people with prams can struggle to navigate past pavement-parked cars, and other clutter. No one should have to risk their lives just to get out and about.
  3. Public transport being prioritised - we need an affordable and reliable alternative to cars to really change the way we travel. 

Just add in your name and postcode to get started. 

We’ve drafted an email to send to your councillors, so if you’re short on time you can just hit send. But if you can, please edit the text to include your own ideas and experiences. This will show them the range of issues people face and solutions to tackle them. 

What could improve air quality and lower climate emissions in your area?