Don't scrap Scotland's climate target

It is almost unthinkable but the Scottish Government wants to scrap its crucial targets to reduce climate pollution before 2030.  

Scottish Government Ministers are only considering this because they have failed to deliver the action that will cut pollution and improve lives across areas like public transport, warm homes and phasing out fossil fuels.  

Climate breakdown is here and it is worsening more quickly than predicted.  The Scottish Government should be taking more urgent action – not slowing down like Rishi Sunak and the UK Government.  

Because these targets are written into law, MSPs will need to vote in Parliament for any changes.

Huge public pressure, including 30,000 people marching as part of the school strikes, helped deliver strengthened targets for action in 2019. We need to show that we still support urgent climate action and want politicians to live up to their commitments.

Tell your MSP not to scrap Scotland’s 2030 climate targets.

  • Emma B 14.06.2024 23:41
  • Lily G 09.06.2024 15:29
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