Ask Nicola Sturgeon to set an end date for oil and gas

If we want to protect our collective future on a liveable planet, we have to stop extracting and burning oil and gas. Politicians are feeling the public pressure and now admit that we have to transition to renewables. However, they are silent on a clear timeline for phasing out fossil fuels


823 people have told the First Minister to put an end to fossil fuels. Will you help us reach 1,000?

Ask your MSP to help Stop Rosebank oil field

The UK Government is currently considering approving a huge new oil field in the North Sea, called Rosebank. It would be almost three times the size of the controversial Cambo oil field, which was paused last year because of widespread public and political opposition.


861 people have told their MSPs to help stop Rosebank. Will you help us reach 1,000?