Urge the Scottish Government to reject new gas-fired power in Peterhead

The Peterhead gas-fired power station in Aberdeenshire is Scotland’s single biggest climate polluter. But energy giant SSE and fossil fuel company Equinor now want to build an additional fossil gas plant beside it which they admit would increase pollution.  

The Scottish Government will now decide whether this plan is approved or rejected. We need your help to stop it.

This dangerous project would do nothing to reduce people’s bills and instead keep Scottish homes locked into an expensive fossil-fuelled energy system for the next 25 years or more. This power plant will give greedy companies an excuse to keep on drilling for gas in the North Sea.

Instead of new fossil fuels, Scotland should put time and resources into scaling up affordable, reliable renewable energy and delivering good green jobs.  

The Scottish Government will have the final say on these plans but they need to feel the public pressure to stop it.  

Sign the petition to Scottish Ministers now to urge them to say no to new gas at Peterhead.  

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Dear Scottish Ministers,

We are calling on the Scottish Government to unequivocally reject the application to build a new gas power station at Peterhead, put forward by SSE and Equinor.

If you were to approve the building of this new fossil fuel infrastructure, it would prolong our reliance on oil and gas and lock us into the associated climate-changing emissions for the next 25 years. New fossil fuel power completely undermines a just transition.

The Peterhead site is already Scotland’s single biggest climate polluter. SSE have admitted that this project will increase climate emissions. Scotland has already missed 9 out of its last 12 emission reduction targets and building more fossil fuel infrastructure further risks the safety of peopleand the planet.

With fuel poverty in Scotland at an all-time high, committing to Peterhead expansion would trap energy bill payers for decades at the whim of volatile fossil fuel firms whose prices are set internationally. The Scottish Government have already acknowledged that renewable energy is more affordable and should be our energy priority.

This project is built on the rotten foundations of carbon capture and storage, which has a long history of expensive failure. CCS will undermine efforts for a just transition as we know it won’t deliver as promised and risks prolonging the life of the fossil fuel industry.

Instead of backing a plan based on technology that might never work, we urge you to choose a future with secure green jobs, based on renewables and energy efficiency.


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