Urge your local councillors to divest pensions from fossil fuels

Millions in UK homes have been forced to choose between heating and eating as a result of skyrocketing gas prices. While we have all watched in horror as the climate crisis escalates.  

In the meantime, our local councils have continued to back the culprits responsible by investing workers’ pensions in filthy fossil fuels. 

Fuel poverty, climate breakdown, and energy insecurity are all symptoms of an unstable and unjust energy system, founded on fossil fuels. 

This crisis will only intensify if we don’t divest from expensive fossil fuels and boost investment in affordable and future-proof renewables. 

More than 1,500 institutions globally have made a commitment to divest from crisis and reinvest in our future — your local authority could be next. Write to your councillors now and urge them to back fossil free pensions.