Email your MP: Palestine ceasefire now

Over 29,000 Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

This war is also destroying the environment, with lethal chemicals released into the air, water and soil. This is an acute moment in a decades long struggle for environmental justice which has seen land and water appropriated and toxic waste dumped on Palestinian land.

Friends of the Earth Palestine (PENGON) needs our help.   

Like us, they’re campaigning for a fairer, greener future. But they’re delivering climate action amid a devastating conflict and ongoing illegal occupation.   

Help us stand in solidarity with our sister organisation and all those affected by this devastating conflict. Friends of the Earth members have been pressuring governments around the world to stop the war; you can join them.

Call on your MP to use their influence to demand a ceasefire and support actions that will uphold justice.

We’ve written a draft email with more detail you can send to your MP.