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Signing up to our People Power Network lets you promote your group, keep up to date with the latest campaigns and resources, and connect with a people powered movement for climate justice across Scotland.

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Thanks for expressing interest in joining the Friends of the Earth Scotland People Power Network. This will enable you to:

  • Advertise your group on the Friends of the Earth Scotland website
  • Be part of a national movement pushing for a Green and Just Recovery
  • Give you priority access to our training events
  • Request support from activism and campaigning staff
  • Take part in Friends of the Earth’s activities and events in the run up to and during UN climate talks (COP26)
  • Join a media spokesperson list to help your campaign get media attention and ensure your voice is heard on relevant local issues
  • Get connected to our Friends of the Earth International federation and hear about campaigns from all around the globe, as well as those in Scotland

In order for your group to join the People Power Network, we ask that you sign up to the following values. If you are unsure about any of these, please get in touch at

Climate Justice: Read more

Climate Justice
We welcome groups working on a range of topics in the People Power Network, but we ask that they are led by the principles of climate and environmental justice. This means acknowledging that the impacts of the climate and environmental crises disproportionately affect certain people, communities and countries and that the best solutions are ones that address global and social inequalities (e.g.: racism, colonialism, sexism, classism and ableism), rather than perpetuate them.

Anti-oppression: Read more

We know that social justice and climate justice are closely linked and that we are strongest when our movement is welcoming to as many people as possible. We ask that all of the groups in the People Power Network do their best to challenge inequalities through all of their work. This means considering how your campaigns may affect different groups, working to make events and meetings welcoming for everyone and challenging oppressive behaviour.

Legal and non-violent: Read more

Legal and non-violent
FoES believes that protest should be non-violent and, as a charity, we cannot be involved in illegal activity. We respect and value the right to protest, and acknowledge that sometimes laws are unfair and protect those in power. Groups that use non-violent direct action are welcome in the People Power Network, but we ask that if you participate in unlawful actions, you must not associate Friends of the Earth with your activity. If you have questions about this please get in touch.