Take the #PlasticFreeFriday Pledge

Every minute, a truck-load of plastic enters our oceans, putting our marine wildlife at serious risk. Plastic is littering every corner of the globe; its production pollutes our skies, and damages our communities.

New research has shown that seven in 10 adults in Scotland feel anxious, hopeless or frustrated about the amount of plastic the consume.

But we don't have to. Together, we can end plastic pollution in Scotland.

On Fridays, join hundreds of people across the country who have pledged to fight to reduce plastic use.

Make Fridays the day you:

  • avoid single-use plastic in your own life
  • ask politicians to do more to get plastic out of our lives
  • tell companies and shops to cut out their use of plastic

So, what are you waiting for? Take our pledge, and join hundreds of others working towards a plastic-free Scotland.  

Find out more about our work to end plastic pollution