Ask your MSP to help Stop Rosebank oil field

The UK Government has just approved a huge new oil field in the North Sea, called Rosebank. It would be almost three times the size of the controversial Cambo oil field, which was paused last year because of widespread public and political opposition.

Burning the oil and gas from Rosebank would produce more climate pollution than the annual emissions of the 28 lowest-income countries in the world combined.

Climate science is clear that the window for maintaining a liveable climate is closing. Every new oil field pours more fuel on the fire. We have to come together to make some noise to stop this field.  

The campaign to stop Cambo gained cross-party support from many different MSPs. When the Scottish Government finally spoke out against it, it didn’t take long for Shell to pull out of the project.

Although the final decision on Rosebank was taken by the UK Government, MSPs and the Scottish Government have the power and responsibility to influence this decision by taking a stand against Rosebank - and all new oil and gas in the North Sea.

The Scottish Government has already said that they don’t agree with the UK Government’s plans to expand oil and gas extraction. New oil and gas is not the answer to either the cost of living crisis or the climate crisis. But they failed to take the opportunity to speak out directly against Rosebank.

Write to your MSPs today to ask them to join the fight against Rosebank. They must use all the powers at their disposal to challenge the UK Government’s plans and work towards a fast and fair phase out of oil and gas extraction.