Low Emission Zones Must Deliver Clean Air

Illegal air pollution in Scotland’s cities is damaging our health and jeopardising our children’s chances of having the best start in life. 

So Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement to introduce a Low Emission Zone in Glasgow by 2018 is welcome news. Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen will follow by 2020. Low Emission Zones, which restrict the most polluting vehicles from the most polluted places, can be a life-saving intervention if done properly. But there is a real danger that the Zones may be weak and ineffective.

The Government is asking your views over which vehicles to restrict, where, and how. We need to show huge support for LEZs that are ambitious enough to truly deliver clean air, for us, and our children, as soon as possible.

Low Emission Zones should apply restrictions to the dirtiest buses, vans and lorries at first, and then taxis and cars at a later stage. The Scottish Government should commit to helping fund these LEZs as they are legally responsible for ensuring clean air. Help us make sure Scotland’s LEZs make a real difference.

This will be a response to the official consultation on LEZs. We’ve answered some key questions but feel free to personalise your response, especially if you have a specific example about why clean air matters to you. Read the full consultation document here.